Feeding antibiotics to livestock might also feed human obesity

Other contributing factors: Government collusion with Big Food and the lowfat fad.

Also: “The national focus on diet, diet foods and exercise” exacerbates the obesity problem rather than making it better. I can see intuitively how that might be true though I can’t explain the reasoning.

An unexpected reason Americans are overweight

This is not one of those rants against the evils of Facebook, even though it looks like it starts that way

I was much more relaxed and confident Friday than I’ve been in a while.

I stress out a lot. I fear failure. I compare my life unfavorably to the lives of others.

Yesterday, not so much. Oh, a couple of twinges here and there. But mostly I just did my thing and felt happy and satisfied. Well, as happy and satisfied as a person like me ever gets (to paraphrase a line from the sitcom Mad About You. I have found that line to be so, so true.)

One thing that made yesterday different: I didn’t go on Facebook and Google+ at all, and I only checked Reddit once in the evening. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

I don’t think that social media causes my anxieties. But if I’m feeling down or stressed, social media helps push things along. Social media is great for things that make you sick about humanity. I call it the Outrage of the Day — you know, like that basketball billionaire with his racist thing or some wingnut saying something moronic about slavery or homosexuality.

Facebook in particular is a great place to go to compare your own lives to others and find your own life wanting. Friends post that they’re going to parties, or great restaurants, or traveling the world. What are you doing? You’re sitting around reading Facebook. On the days when you’re going to parties, or great restaurants, or traveling the world, you’re not on Facebook — you’re busy doing those things.

I’m not planning to give up social media. There’s a lot of value in social media. It’s put me in touch with friends I’d lost track of years ago. It keeps me up with headline news. It helps me professionally. But I can certainly stand to do a lot less social media.

That’s one of the main reasons I started this blog. It’s a way for me to continue sharing what I’m thinking about without opening the door and letting anybody and everybody into my brain. Because I love you all but sometimes you can be a bit much, y’know?

P.S. You’re welcome to respond to this on Facebook or Google+. But I probably won’t see your response until Sunday. Or maybe Monday. Because I already did my social pass this morning and after that whole business with the dog this morning I don’t want any more stress today.

Adventures of a dog owner. Warning: Much of this post is about poop. Dog poop seems to be a thing with us now

Minnie had a diarrhea attack in her crate in the night. I think the catfood she got into yesterday gave her diarrhea. Quite a mess and not something I want to wake up to first thing in the morning, particularly on a Saturday. Well, that’s not true — I don’t want to wake up to it any day.

While I was in the process of cleanup, I forgetfully left the gate open from the kitchen to the rest of the house And Minnie got into the catfood again.

I’m going to skip her breakfast and maybe her dinner too. According to reputable Websites (aspca.org mainly) that’s the way to stop a dog’s diarrhea — don’t feed her for a day. Of course I’ll put her back on food tomorrow morning regardless. And possibly this evening if she seems regular during the day.

It’s been tough getting Minnie into her crate all week, ever since I relocated it Monday while rearranging my office. The first two nights after the move, the crate was under a big window, which I left open. I think she heard something through that window that scared her. Now she doesn’t want to get in the crate, even though I’ve moved it to the far wall, away from all the windows. She doesn’t show fear when I try to get her in. But she’s reluctant. Her body language and behavior says nope. No thanks. I’ll just stay in my bed in the corner. I’m fine there.

Minnie being hard to get into her crate is a problem. During the months that we didn’t crate her to sleep, she soiled indoors and occasionally shredded things when left alone for the night.

I suppose we could leave her in the sunroom and I could get up after six hours and let her out for 15 minutes. Or even walk her. But I’m trying to avoid that. We can’t live our lives around the dog. And crating her was not a problem until this week. She was fine. She willingly got into the crate. She stayed there all night. Even this week — once she gets into the crate she settles in. She doesn’t shred or show any other signs of emotional distress. And she comes out cheerfully in the morning.

Cheese lured her into the crate last night, and cheese might also be the cause of her diarrhea. That’s a problem. I gave her a few nubbins pinched from a cheese stick to lure her into the crate, and about a third of a teaspoon of cream cheese as a reward once she was in the cage. I can probably give her less cheese to get her in there. Hopefully, the cheese is not the digestive problem — hopefully the catfood is — because she really loves cheese.

A homeless person shares advice

Life is not black and white. It is shades of gray. Lying is not fun to do but sometimes it matters to survive. If lying keeps you from dying homeless, then you need to do it. Not huge lies but lies sometimes are nessesary. An example is if you are homeless you have to have an address and a private mail box is an address and if they ask you for an address for banking, for your drivers license, etc. you just tell them that is your new residence even though you don’t live there. If you are asked why you are parked somewhere for sleeping purposes and are questioned, just tell them you are sleeping there before work for a quick nap and that you will move on so you don’t get arrested. Sometimes lying is important to do. Same on applications. If you are over qualified, don’t let them know that. Just say you moved or lived somewhere else before or were traveling if they question you about your work gap. Lying sucks but it sometimes is imperitive to survival. I hate lying but this is the lesson I am learning now that I have no home. No home sucks. Survival is goal 1. Truth is a thing for people with jobs and the ability to survive without lying. Only lie if you have to but it is nessesary. A terrible lesson to learn this way.

LPT: A hard decade shows some important life tips. This is what I have learned. Please learn from my mistakes.

And a harsh response from a formerly homeless person:

LPT: Cautionary tales are one thing, but taking “pro tips” from a homeless person that he typed out on a borrowed computer, before he eats scraps, probably isn’t the person to take advice from.