Looks like Bowe Bergdahl was maybe a hero after all

“Hesiod” says it looks like Bowe Bergdahl was indeed a hero. Kind of a flake though — Bergdahl allegedly wandered off base twice before. And returned. Which means he violated military law, but it undercuts the assertion that Berdahl was out to desert.

And Bergdahl escaped from his Taliban captors twice. Once he “lulled his captors into believing he was sympathetic to them, and when they let their guard down he escaped for 3 days. When they finally found him in a hand-dug trench he covered with leaves, he was nearly naked an exhausted. Yet, it took 5 Taliban to subdue him as he fought back trying to avoid being recaptured.”

The New York Times: The last few days have made clearer than ever that there is no action the Obama administration can take — not even the release of a possibly troubled American soldier from captivity — that cannot be used for political purposes by his opponents.. John McCain supported the hostage trade for Bergdahl until he saw an opportunity to slag the White House, and then he switched sides.

Me? I’m troubled by the trade of five top officials for a low-level guy. Maybe there was some other way to get Bergdahl back. But even if Bergdahl was a deserter — and at this point it’s by no means likely he was — he and everyone else who violates military law should be brought home and tried here, not left in prison in the hands of our nation’s enemies


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