High school principal cancels summer reading program because it includes a novel about questioning authority

Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother is a near-future dystopia about the Department of Homeland Security setting up a police state in San Francisco, with the cooperation of school authorities. Cory and his publishers, Tor, are sending the school 200 copies of the book.

In an email conversation with [Mary Kate Griffith from the school English department], the principal cited reviews that emphasized the book’s positive view of questioning authority, lauding “hacker culture”, and discussing sex and sexuality in passing. He mentioned that a parent had complained about profanity (there’s no profanity in the book, though there’s a reference to a swear word). In short, he made it clear that the book was being challenged because of its politics and its content.

It seems to be Cory Doctorow weekend here; this is at least my third post mentioning him in the past couple of days. And I’m listening to the audiobook of his novel Pirate Cinema.

Why I’m sending 200 copies of Little Brother to a high-school in Pensacola, FL

Little Brother


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