Stop me before I change todo software again

I started using todo.txt this weekend — again — after swearing that I’d stop changing todo managers.

I had previously been using Things from Cultured Code.

I had the insight midway through the change that what I really wanted was to get a fresh start on all my todos. Start from a blank page, so to speak. Copy my relevant to-dos from the old list to a new one and then throw out the old one along with whatever todos on it were no longer relevant. Work from the new, organized list from now on.

So a change in todo managers might not have been necessary.

On the other hand., a plain text to-do list will make me platform-agnostic, future-proof, and make it easier for me to reorder to-dos. And start from a blank page next time I feel the need.

In other news: I had the idea for a character for a humorous short story or novel this weekend. This would be a man or a woman who is obsessed with productivity advice and systems, and is constantly fiddling with software and reading productivity blogs. I wonder if I have the ability to imagine what such a person would be like.


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