That’s one way of making your death matter

It’s worth mentioning that your live tweets don’t have to be limited to the conferences you attend or the TV shows you watch. In fact, they don’t even have to be limited to organized events. Businessweek recently reported that Lori Kilmartin, a professional joke writer who recently live-tweeted her father’s death, saw a “significant increase in follower count as people have started to follow her updates on her father’s health.” She is also not the first person to live-tweet the death of a parent, NPR’s Scott Simon live-tweeted the death of his mother back in July of 2013; a loving and very emotional tribute.

The art of livetweeting.

I understand the desire to livetweet the death of a loved one. Although I realize the impulse would be alien and abhorrent to people who aren’t social media addicts.

And there are good tips about livetweeting in that article.

But measuring follower count at a time like that? Good grief.


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