What to do with your dog during fireworks

Infographic: Looking Out for Your Dog During July Fireworks

What kind of genius brings their dog to a fireworks show?

I’m a little worried about Minnie but hopefully the fireworks will be over by her bedtime. The fireworks by Lake Murray have been canceled, alas. And we haven’t heard much banging this week — usually folks get started days ahead of time.



13 thoughts on “What to do with your dog during fireworks

  1. Carol Wilson: Sunny hated this time of year. It was usually getting hot, which made our mile-long walks a little less comfortable, and then there were the fireworks. They are illegal in Illinois, but EVERYONE has them. Kids start shooting them off a week before the holiday and on July 3-4-5, big displays are everywhere, including three blocks from our house at the country club. She hated every pop, bang and boom.via facebook.com


  2. Jeramy Phillips: I am currently boarding a golden retriever that is terrified of fireworks, gunshots, thunderstorms & vacuum cleaners.  We live about 1.5 miles from the public fireworks display. so it is generally not too loud, but she did get nervous the other night when someone in the neighborhood was lighting fireworks.We closed her kennel door to keep her inside, and turned on a radio somewhat loudly, which seemed to put her at ease. via plus.google.com


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