It’s crazy — but is it crazy enough?

The case for Romney in 2016

What candidate from either party would be better?


10 thoughts on “It’s crazy — but is it crazy enough?

  1. Thanks for the link, but that article makes a very weak case. All it says basically is “There’s nobody else.” Then it goes on to compare Romney with Nixon, even though their styles and temperaments are vastly different.

    There must be thousands of qualified people besides the same old names from the same half-dozen royal families. I really dislike dynastic politics.


  2. William Terdoslavich: I think this shows the bankruptcy of a thin bench.

    When Romney won the nomination, he was not leading the party but following it. having made too many promises to too many factions, a Romney presidency would have been far busier making political mortgage payments to the unrealistic. Failure would have been the result, not much different from what we have now.

    And it’s a damn shame. Romney was one of of the five best governors in the US when he was running Massachusetts. Ensuring universal health care in his state by compelling the purchase of insurance went a long way to that end. It was simple and innovative.

    And Romney had to deny this accomplishment just to appease the whackos in the GOP. When the party of Jefferson Davis becomes the party of Lincoln again, I will give it serious consideration. Until then, don’t make me laugh. via


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