Effective analogy

What it’s like to be a girl invited to a party full of guys who are going to hit on you


10 thoughts on “Effective analogy

  1. Dennis Scott: I’m getting kinda tired of this conversation. Now we have to justify why we are inviting people to parties? Hard to be a well meaning man now a days I find. Got accosted the other day by a woman because I was looking at the baby bag she had for her daughter as she leaned over to put it down. I too had my daughter with me so I was curious as to how mine stacked up. THEN I noticed she was wearing a low cut v shirt, so I quickly looked away so it didn’t look like i was starring. Too late. Lesson learned. Don’t look in women’s direction. Just dont know what we’re supposed to do anymore. via plus.google.com


  2. Veronica Orozco: I disagree with this analogy. Most people go to parties with friends or one that are hosted by friends. They don’t just show up at random parties. Those who do end up at random parties are most likely there to be hit on. Those that don’t go to random dude’s parties are not looking to be hit on. And there are people out there who do not like going to any parties. Are his target partiers at the bookstore or the bar? That’s the difference. Not all women are reality show trash and some can even make decent decisions…like not to get in the blue van with tinted windows. via plus.google.com


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