Hot sauces


I like Sriracha so much I decide to try something different. These are both very good. The taste is quite similar, which is not surprising, since the primary ingredient of each is vinegar and peppers. I fancy I can taste a subtle difference between the two. I think I prefer Tabasco, but that may just be because of the venerable name and tradition.


8 thoughts on “Hot sauces

  1. Jason Perlow: Crystal and Tabasco are very different. Crystal is made from cayenne peppers and are cooked in a vinegar process in a single day to bottling. Tabasco uses their own cultivar of Tabasco peppers, are preserved in salt for a year, and then turned into the sauce. In Louisiana Crystal is considered the ubiquitous hot sauce that is used in cooking and as a condiment for everything. Tabasco is considered more of an export product. via


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