Belligerent politicos

I’m fascinated by people like Trump who have never served in the military or participated in violence personally, but who accuse others of cowardice when those others urge abstention from violence.

One of the reasons I say we should avoid war is I know it’s unlikely to threaten me personally. I’ll stay fat and happy and safe in San Diego.

Now that I think of it, I’d be better off personally if the US got into a nice big war. The military buys lots of networked electronics, and a trickle of that money would find its way into my pocket.

But I am not solely driven by financial concerns. I know if there’s a war, many other people will suffer and die for my benefit. So I urge caution using violence instead. I’ll find some other way to increase my income.

When I hear Trump say he’d like to punch a protester in the face, I say, sure you would. As long as you have at least three bodyguards backing you up.


War. It’s totally like this in real life, right?


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