Trump used the same language about violence at his rallies that dictators use to justify genocide

In excusing violence at his rallies, Donald Trump portrayed the bullies as the victims – the same language used by dictators everywhere to support genocide.

Janell Ross, The Washington Post:

This was the actual employment of language and logic used to justify cross-burnings, lynchings and all manner of illegal, extra-judicial and inhumane behavior in U.S. history. This is what has been said to support attempted genocides, ethnic expulsions and some of the most shameful political acts around the globe. This is the actual route by which bigotry has, in the course of human history, become accepted practice and policy. This is the way that entire groups have been terrorized, demonized and oppressed.

Dave Winer:

All the numbers say Trump can’t win in the fall, unless something terrible happens. Therefore something terrible is going to happen before the election. A problem that requires a strongman to take power to restore order.

This election will be about whether there are more elections.

Sanders’ focus on campaign finance is “kind of quaint and harkens back to a more innocent time when there was a basic acceptance of laws. Bernie is fighting an old battle,” Winer says.

I don’t think it’s as bad as that – yet. But that good ol’ Overton Window keeps on moving.


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